Chicago Bears acquire several late picks in this 2022 mock draft

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Chicago Bears, Marquis Hayes
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In the fourth round, the Bears stay on offense and go with another offensive lineman in Oklahoma guard Marquis Hayes. What’s funny about this pick, is that Hayes actually has more of a tackle’s body. He’s high-cut and stands 6-foot-5, weighing 324 pounds. After already drafting Kinnard, previously, who could switch from tackle to guard, now they draft another potentially-flexible lineman.

Hayes is an overall strong player who uses his mass to finish blocks. He has a mauler’s mentality, which is something Poles and Eberflus are looking for up front. He’s a guy who will defend Fields in every situation, no doubt.

Possessing great grip strength, Hayes is tough to get rid of once he has his hands on you. He always looks to finish, too.

Overall, he could use some work with body control. He has the makings of an NFL lineman, but needs to refine his technique in multiple areas. If he can take coaching the right way, then Hayes should be able to pan out as a future starter in this league.