What I would do as the Chicago Bears GM in the 2022 NFL Draft

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports /
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It is getting close for the Chicago Bears. The NFL draft is right around the corner. In the spirit of seeing many mock drafts on what people would do if they were GM. I figured I would join them. I mean, why not? My predictive mocks have gotten enough heat over the years, even if I was right about some draft picks. I am going to play the part of Ryan Poles. Before I do, let us recap my last mock (predictive) draft that a lot of you might not have seen.

Chicago Bears mock draft 2.0 recap

I did a lot of trading in that mock draft. I gained seven players while adding in two more future day-two draft picks. Both draft picks were above the fourth round. When it comes to the NFL draft and the Chicago Bears, I will build a team around playmakers. In my philosophy, playmakers make the NFL turn. You also don’t have to be a superior athlete in your position. Production and film would rule all.

I would build my team around the NFL draft while supplementing the team in free agency and the UDFA market. As the team sits, I would understand the offensive line is a must, but I believe that my young quarterback has the intelligence to make plays despite having average offensive line play. Heart and soul players also have a long leash with my team. I would build the roster outside to the inside.

Justin Fields would be the focal point. Everything he did in college that made him a success would be brought along to make sure he reached that peak. This year would be a transition year for the Chicago Bears, but don’t worry fans. I will show you that the offense can keep up with the entire NFL. I will be using Pro Football Focus (PFF) NFL mock draft simulator, and trades will be made. With all that said, let’s get into the draft.