What I would do as the Chicago Bears GM in the 2022 NFL Draft

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports /
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Here is a look at how I would handle Day 2 for the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears’ first pick left me shocked. The wide receiver Skyy Moore from Western Michigan was available. Sometimes he is, and sometimes he isn’t. Smart money would bet on him not being available when the Bears select their player at the 39th overall selection.

If you don’t know about Moore, he is fast, physical, intelligent, and runs excellent routes. Something about thick thighs catches my eye. And this kid has them. Please give me a running threat after the catch and a vertical threat simultaneously. I want Justin Fields’ star receiver to be a safety net and a vertical option. He did it in college and he would continue to do it with my team if I were GM.

With the 48th overall selection, I have room to grow. I have three trade offers. I don’t want to move down too far if some more trade offers were to come. The Eagles are offering the 51st pick, but I won’t get a big bang for the buck. Instead, I’ll take my chances on the 49ers, who are looking at giving me 61, 93, and 134. I will try that first. The trade was accepted, and Jalen Tolbert was my next selection with the 61st overall pick.

My two first draft picks were spot on for value, but I want to reach this next pick to make sure I get my next target. I have three trade offers, but they drop down too far for my liking. With the 71st selection, I am taking a playmaker on the defensive side of the ball — Marcus Jones from Houston.

He is too good to pass up. I don’t care how short he is; he will play slot and returner until I see that his defensive value is too valuable to risk injury. Jones is a tackling and turnover machine that has high intelligence. The juice will be worth the squeeze.

I have some options with the 93rd overall selection. With four trade offers and many tackles on the board, I will trade down to collect some more draft capital. The Miami Dolphins have offered picks 102 and 125 for the 93rd. We are going to move with that.

With the 102nd overall selection, I am selecting Dohnovan West, guard-center from Arizona State. West is very much a James Daniels-like player. His best position is center, but he played well at guard in 2020. If I can get centers that know how to play guard, it’s like having a receiver who used to play quarterback. They know what to do.