Chicago Bears mock draft with a trade into the first round

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The Chicago Bears trade a future first for a first in 2022

At that time, multiple reports came out that the Giants wanted to trade one of their two first-round picks for a first-round pick in 2023. These reports indicated that even though they really want more than a straight-up swap, they would be willing to seriously consider a one-for-one trade as well. Here is a link to this rumor.

The main reason the Giants want to do this is they are very strapped for cap space and they also want an extra first-round pick in 2023 in case they decide they want to draft a QB in the first round next year. Another reason they are open to this is that the draft “experts” have declared that there are not any superstars in it. Trading into 2023 theoretically gives the Giants a shot at a future superstar who could also turn out to be a quarterback.

Given that fans and media love to dissect every rumor to death that this rumor has been given a cursory look by media insiders is a bit puzzling. I suspect the teams that are interested in this trade have decided to go radio silent to anyone that might leak out their interest in this type of trade.

Presumably, they believe keeping their interest on the down-low is a possible way to keep the price down for a trade into the top of the draft. Regardless, the Bears should absolutely pursue this trade. However, in doing so they must stipulate that it be the fifth pick in the draft, not the seventh pick of the Giants.

The compelling reason to make this trade is to draft one of the two top left tackles this year — both of whom are expected to go in the top five picks. The last time the Chicago Bears drafted a left tackle in the top ten was Jimbo Covert with the sixth pick of the 1983 NFL Draft. He ended up playing an important role in the last and only time the Bears won the Super Bowl. If Justin Fields has a Pro Bowl quality left tackle as did Jim McMahon, perhaps this trade will lead to another Super Bowl victory for the Bears.

A big reason why the Bears must insist on the fifth-overall pick over the seventh pick is the Panthers pick sixth and they are either going to draft a left tackle or take a pretty big gamble on a quarterback. The Bears’ target for this pick is one of the two top left tackle prospects and there is a possibility that both left tackles will be gone by the fifth pick.

In this mock draft the Bears trade their 2023 first-round pick for the Giants’ fifth pick in this upcoming draft. One thing in favor of this trade taking place is if the Giants look at the Bears’ current roster they probably see themselves having at least a top-10 pick next year.