Chicago Bears mock draft with a trade into the first round

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The Chicago Bears select Alec Pierce with the first of their second-round picks

Next up for the Chicago Bears is the 39th pick. With the drafting of Evan Neal, the Bears are very much set up to draft a wide receiver with this pick. However, even if the Bears do not trade for the 5th pick in the draft, there is a hidden yet compelling reason why they absolutely, should draft a wide receiver with this pick and avoid the temptation of drafting an offensive lineman or defensive player here.

This leads us to what is Justin Fields’ strength as a quarterback. No, it is not his 4.4 speed and mobility. It is his long game and I don’t mean driving a golf ball. Fields is very good at using his considerable arm strength along with putting a nice arc on the ball to drop dimes to his pass targets.

Given this, ideally, the Bears need to add the best possible profile of a wide receiver built to complete as many long passes as possible. This profile includes height, special speed, jumping ability and quality hands that are proficient in grabbing contested catches. My choice is Alec Pierce because he fits this profile perfectly and fits it better than anyone else expected to be available at 39.

The Bears drafting a player like Alec Pierce is of the utmost importance for this reason. Using Fields’ top quarterback skill regularly and successfully is what will most likely infuse him with the most confidence. A confident young quarterback is what will benefit Justin Fields the most as he winds his way through the minefields of learning how to be the best version of himself as an NFL QB.

The obvious should also be pointed out here. We know chunk plays and touchdowns often go hand in hand. A Fields/Pierce connection could readily provide the Bears with what has historically been most lacking in the vast majority of Bears teams. That is scoring touchdowns with regularity.

Very likely Ryan Poles will be tempted to wait to draft a wide receiver with the 48th pick or 71st pick instead of the 39th pick. However, the potentially enormous value Alec Pierce brings to the Bears in combination with Justin Fields’ skillset, should absolutely negate any consideration of waiting to let him fall to the 48th pick or later.