Chicago Bears mock draft with a trade into the first round

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More to consider when drafting Alec Pierce to the Chicago Bears

Pierce is being compared to the tall and sure-handed Jordy Nelson. Chris Simms describes Alec Pierce as Jordy Nelson with jets up his butt. Jordy Nelson was drafted with the 36th pick in his draft. Waiting to draft Alec Pierce, be it at 48 or 71, would be a foolishly large and unnecessary risk for the Bears organization to take.

Justin Fields very much needs Alec Pierce and that is more important than any other consideration. There are just way too many great reasons to draft Alec Pierce with the 39th pick to not do it. The Bears should just roll with the very strong likelihood Pierce will be available at 39 and move on to their next important decision.

For those that believe Christian Watson should be taken by the Bears instead of Alec Pierce if both are available, here is my rebuttal. Watson’s biggest weakness is he has too many drops versus one of Pierce’s strengths is he has great hands. This is a very big difference between these two players. As far as choosing George Pickens with the 39th pick, it makes no sense at all for the Bears to draft someone with injury questions if they can draft a fully healthy Alec Pierce with his dynamic skill set.

In my world, the logic and steps to selecting the Bears’ first two Bears picks were clear sailings. However, with the 48th pick, Ryan Poles’ decision is clear as mud. This pick boils down to 3-technique or cornerback. The setup is that the 3-tech plays the most critical role in Eberflus’ defense. So is it in the Bears’ best interest to draft a hard-to-find 3-tech to back up Justin Jones and maybe ultimately pass him up as the starter?

The Chicago Bears trade back with the Chiefs to acquire a late third-round pick

The competing factor to drafting a 3-technique is whether it is better to draft a cornerback over a 3-tech if the corner is more talented than the 3-tech that will likely be available to the Bears with the 48th pick. The 3-tech that is expected to be available to the Chicago Bears with the 48th pick is Perrion Winfrey. The 3-tech they would most like to be available is Logan Hall.

If the Bears are lucky either Kaziir Elam or Kyler Gordon will be available with the 48th pick. However, it is doubtful Logan, Elam or Gordon will be available to the Bears at 48. Given all this, my choice is to trade down. In this mock draft, the 48th pick will be traded to the Chiefs for the 62nd and 94th picks. The first part of the plan here is to draft Perrion Winfrey with the 62nd pick.