4 positions Chicago Bears must draft with 6 picks

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Jaylon Johnson
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3. Cornerback

On paper, the Chicago Bears are currently slated to have Jaylon Johnson and Tavon Young as their top two cornerbacks. Kindle Vildor and Thomas Graham are in the mix to push Young to the slot on nickel downs, but overall, there is an argument that at least the starting spots can be filled, unlike linebackers.

Still, when you look at this position, and those four names it is hard to say that the team can look at other positions ahead of cornerback.

Tavon Young has a long history of injuries and has hardly played on the outside. Thomas Graham has one start that has Chicago Bears fans excited, but we have no idea what the coaching staff thinks of him, and it is hard to go off of such a small sample.

Then, there is Vildor and most fans would agree that they do not want him near the lineup.

The addition of a cornerback in the draft would prove huge. It could Graham and the rookie into a much more healthy competition for repetitions and it could give Young the role of just being a slot if one of those two is ready.

The ripple effect of even adding a third or fourth cornerback could put a lot more shine on the room, especially if that is a young player with upside. The Bears seem to want to create pressure and rely less on their cornerbacks, and with other big needs, you could expect this hole to be addressed in the third through the sixth-round range.