3 notes from Chicago Bears GM Ryan Poles pre-draft presser

Chicago Bears - Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears General Manager Ryan Poles finished his pre-draft press conference, the first he will do as the GM of the team. The presser is usually known as a time when GMs are vague and dance around questions that are specific to this draft.

Still, Ryan Poles was able to give us a little more insight into his philosophy as we start to learn his preferences. What are a few things we learned from the Ryan Poles press conference?

3. Ryan Poles wants to trade down

Considering the Chicago Bears have just six picks, Ryan Poles was asked about the possibility of moving back to add a few more. Ryan Poles was pretty clear that he does see that as a possibility.

This makes plenty of sense. Considering Ryan Pace was someone hell-bent on trading picks away, it is now on Poles to try to get some of those picks back. The team was not active in free agency, and Poles said that he wants to build his team through the draft.

Still, it is hard to build through the draft when the team is lacking starters, and depth and they have just six picks. A good way to address some of those worries is to move back.

Poles also noted that it depends on when to move back. Arguably, pick 71 is his best time because he does not pick again until pick 148. If he can move back 20 spots to the back of round three and pick up someday three picks, it would serve the team best. It would also keep two top 50 picks in the organization. If the Bears are to trade, keep an eye on the third round.