Teams are calling the Chicago Bears about trading for Robert Quinn

Chicago Bears - Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports /

It has been rumored for quite some time that the Chicago Bears might look to trade Robert Quinn. The rumors have been surfacing since Ryan Poles took over and traded future Hall of Fame pass rusher Khalil Mack. Many speculated that Mack and Quinn are in similar situations. Quinn is coming off an elite season where he set the Bears franchise record for sacks — breaking Richard Dent’s record of 17.5 sacks.

Well, it appears that those rumors are starting to pick up steam as it is reported that the team has been receiving calls about Quinn’s future here in Chicago. We have no idea what type of offers, if any, are being thrown at Ryan Poles, but we will have to watch the situation carefully over the next few days. With the 2022 NFL Draft starting in less than two days, it is possible that we see a team offer a draft pick(s) — something Poles keeps mentioning he wants to acquire — for the pass rusher who just won the Brian Piccolo Award.

Should the Chicago Bears trade Robert Quinn this offseason?

The question is, should Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears actually trade Robert Quinn? I think the answer depends on what type of return they see for the veteran pass rusher. Moving on from Khalil Mack and seeing a second-round pick in return was a no-brainer in my opinion. I don’t think Quinn nets a second-rounder in a trade, but if a team is willing to give one up, then for sure, make the deal.

What if the return is a third-rounder? What if it is a fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh-rounder? At what point is the return not worth the value of the player? For me, I am not willing to take a fourth-round pick or later for Quinn. Even a late-round pick in the third doesn’t do it for me. I would need a mid-to-early third-rounder if I were Poles. Quinn brings more to the locker room than just his production and adding a third-round pick is not a lock at returning a value that is equal to or greater than Robert Quinn.

Now, that said, I am not going to hate on Poles should he move on from Quinn for a Day 3 pick, but it just doesn’t seem like the right return for a player coming off an 18.5 sack season — even if that player is 32 years old.

Quinn is under contract until 2024 with outs as early as post-June 1 this year. Moving on from him after June 1 would free up $12.9 million in cap space this year. If they wait to move on from him until next season — whether a cut or a trade — then the team would save $9.7 million if before June 1, 2023  and $14 million if after June 1, 2023. If the team trades him during or before the 2022 NFL Draft then they only save $4.4 million but obviously receive a draft pick or two in return.

Quinn doesn’t want to be traded, but also understands it is a business. What’s the minimum you would take in a Robert Quinn trade? Let us know in the comments.