5 players ESPN analytics link to Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
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ESPN recently launched a tool that is their new Draft Day Predictor.  The tool takes analytics, and mock drafts into account and will give a percentage as to who they expect will be on the board at each particular selection. This is great for all fans, but Chicago Bears fans in particular, who are not sure who will be on the board when they select.

Below we have five players that ESPN believes will be on the board when they pick along with the percent chance that they think

5. Bernard Raimann 60% chance available for Chicago Bears

ESPN has Raimann available in 60% of their simulations. However, they seem to think that most times that he is available, it would be hard for the Chicago Bears to pass on him. This makes sense, but also can come with a counterargument.

Raimann is an athletic offensive tackle. His upside is sky-high, and just what the team needs. He is still new to the game, but his adjustment is smoother than some tackles who have played their whole lives.

The drawbacks for Raimann are the reasons he may be available at pick 39. He has short arms, and he is going to be 25 years old by the end of his rookie season. In most cases, you could forgive the age, but Poles has made it a point to skew young in free agency, and he has signed some 25-year-old free agents.

The length may be the bigger hang-up, because he was able to hide it with his quick in the MAC. His tested athleticism shows his footwork can translate to the NFL, but will it forgive his length in the same manner?

Still, the reasons he falls to 39 are there, but at 39, it could get hard to look around and say firmly better players are available.