A way for the Chicago Bears to land Chris Olave in the 2022 NFL Draft

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Should Chris Olave fall, the Chicago Bears must consider trading up into the first

For everyone wanting to say, that trading up is not worth it, I encourage you to at least listen for some reason before grabbing your pitchforks. If you don’t believe there is a vast difference between the talent of Chris Olave vs those likely to be available at pick No. 39, then I cannot convince you that this trade is worth the draft capital.

George Pickens and Christian Watson have great upside and do have the potential to be great. However, the difference here is that Olave has a much higher floor and just as high, if not higher, ceiling. If he is to somehow fall into the range of 23 through 26, the Chicago Bears have just enough draft capital worth moving up. For this scenario, let’s assume that he drops to 24 and Dallas is on the clock. The Cowboys are not going to take a WR in the first round. Here is the trade.

I know. Why give up two, top 100 picks to move up to 24 when you can wait it out and hope to land Pickens or Watson? Well, again, the difference in talent vs potential is prevalent here when comparing Olave to these two and any other wide receivers projected to be available at No. 39.

Also, with this move, Ryan Poles is taking a risk. Obviously, the Chicago Bears need a team like the Cowboys, Bills, or Titans to be willing to trade back should Chris Olave fall. Also, Poles must hope that once pick No. 48 comes around that he finds yet another trade partner. This leads us to the second trade that makes the risk worth the full reward.