Chicago Bears put this trade rumor to rest

Chicago Bears - Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

When the Chicago Bears traded Khalil Mack, attention immediately shifted to Robert Quinn. The realization was that the Bears were not going all-in this season, so why not tear the whole thing down? However, while it makes sense from a macro sense, it never made sense behind the scenes to trade Robert Quinn.

The Chicago Bears essentially confirmed that recently in a report that said that the team is not shopping him. It is interesting that the report comes after a report that mentions that teams have been inquiring about Quinn.

Still, this reads kind of like a high school telling his friends even though he is still single, he has a lot of girls from the other school across town waiting to date him.

Yes, Robert Quinn is valuable, but Quinn has a history of injuries, and his age is getting up there. He has often been an every other year type of player who scorches hot and then drifts cold.

Teams probably have an interest in Quinn, but he will be getting low ball offers to take on his contract and it will not be as easy as Mack was because of the name-value that Mack still presents.

Beyond that, the move to trade Mack mainly opened up playing time for Trevis Gipson. Trading Robert Quinn does not open up playing time for a young ascending player that the team wants to see more of.

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In fact, taking away Quinn now hurts Gipson who all of the sudden is getting attention like he is Mack. Keeping Quinn shows that the team is re-tooling but not tearing it all down. It gives their young defense a chance to grow, and beyond all of that, it does not put the Bears in a position where they have to take a low ball offer for a player who just had an elite season rushing the passer.