Ranking the best positions for the Chicago Bears in second round

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Chicago Bears, Kyler Gordon
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Cornerback is the best position for the Chicago Bears to consider in the second

If we look at the prospects left on the board, cornerback looks to be the strongest in my opinion. The top two candidates at the position are Andrew Booth, Jr. and Kyler Gordon. Booth is a prospect I thought would go in the first round. Gordon is a guy I thought could be available to the Chicago Bears at pick No. 39, but I also see him as a possible top-of-the-second-round selection too. He might not fall five more picks.

After these two, Roger McCreary would be next on my cornerback big board. Tariq Woolen is another name to consider, although I’d prefer him at 48 as opposed to 39. Outside of these four, I’d pass on a corner and this is why CB is higher in these rankings for the Chicago Bears in the second round. Ryan Poles will have a difficult time allowing this talent to slip out of his hands.

From a scheme fit perspective, I see Kyler Gordon and Roger McCreary being the better options for the Bears even though I do think Booth is the better talent. Booth is strictly a boundary corner while Gordon and McCreary could play either position. Do not be surprised if Ryan Poles uses one of these two picks on a corner. There is some solid total depth though and Poles could potentially trade back and acquire an additional pick or two.