6 best remaining players for the Chicago Bears after round 1 to draft Day 2

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Chicago Bears, Jalen Tolbert
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Remaining player for Chicago Bears on Day 2: Jalen Tolbert (WR, South Alabama)

With Jalen Tolbert being a name that seemingly only goes up on draft boards instead of going down, Tolbert is someone that could go early in the second, or he could make his way into the third.

All the Chicago Bears should know is that Tolbert is the real deal. He’s a smaller receiver, but he’s a twitchy receiver with good speed and a great pair of hands.

Although the Bears already have Darnell Mooney, if the Bears still need a receiver going into the third round, and Jalen Tolbert is available? There’s reason to believe the Bears would draft him.

That being said, his competition wasn’t necessarily the highest while playing at South Alabama, however, being a football player from Mobile, AL, he’s worth the third-round pick.

The one downside is size, really. The Chicago Bears could use height at the receiver position, so getting another receiver with a similar build to Darnell Mooney could be tough to make work.

That being said, it’s up to Ryan Poles to make good selections for not only the present, but the future as well.

That pick might not be flashy on the screen, but it might as well make the team better overall. There’s a new regime, so with that hopefully comes a new draft strategy.

Alright, the final player remaining that the Chicago Bears could spend a Day 2 pick on.