5 things to know about Chicago Bears rookie Jaquan Brisker

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2. Jaquan Brisker Run Defense

According to PFF, Brisker ranked 26th in run stops, which is a great number. He also has 10 tackles for loss, which is very impressive for safety, no matter where he lines up. Brisker is never afraid to stick his head and get dirty in the run game. One area that will be looked into is his tackling, though.

Brisker had a 13.5% missed tackle rate. That was 91st in the country and worse than Eddie Jackson last year. His average depth of tackle is also 7.4 yards downfield, which ranks 225th. That is not what you want to see, either.

There is a bit of explanation for this. Brisker hardly missed tackles in 2020 and was much better in all areas. He had a bad shoulder in 2021, but played through it knowing that it was his last season with the Nittany Lions. It did not hurt him further, but the tackling form took a hit.

The Bears have to make sure he gets his form back in line and adds more shoulder into his hits, but if that can happen, his 2020 version would not be an issue.