Finalizing Chicago Bears 2022 NFL draft day trades

Chicago Bears - Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears were quite busy on Saturday, shuffling three picks to start the day and ending up with eight picks in total. Overall, it is smart for Ryan Poles to use day three to take as many shots as he possibly can to start to fill the depth in the room. But, with each pick he traded down from, we now get to see if he possibly missed out on a steal.

What were the final outcomes of all of the Ryan Poles trades?

Finalizing Chicago Bears trading Khalil Mack

The Chicago Bears traded Khalil Mack for a second-round pick and a future sixth-round pick. However, they traded that future sixth to get into this year with two sevenths, thus finalizing the trade right now.

The exact trade will go down as Khalil Mack for Jaquan Brisker, Elijah Hicks, and Trenton Gill. This may be tough for Bears fans to swallow, but if you include the money it probably sounds a bit better. A starter on defense is getting swapped for a starter on defense, but Brisker is much cheaper. Then in the case of Hicks and Gill, they added two special teams players. Still, we will likely remember the trade as Mack for Brisker now.

Chicago Bears Day 3 Trades

The Chicago Bears traded pick 150 for 166 and 207. They also traded 166 for 174 and 226. Lastly, they moved from 148 to 168, picking up 203.

The first trade will be viewed as Thomas Booker for Dominique Robinson, Doug Kramer, and JaTyre Carter. Booker could have been the 3T that the Bears seem enticed to get, but they did a lot of work on the class and came away thinking that they should pass on Booker. So, they swapped the 3T for an edge rusher and picked up two-depth offensive line flyers in the process.

The next trade will be viewed as Khalil Shakir for Braxton Jones and Trestan Ebner. The big picture will come down to Shakir vs. Jones. In theory, if the tackle hits it is more valuable than the wideout, but may want Shakir, and Jones is from Southern Utah, meaning a projection to the next level.

The toss in addition of Trestan Ebner cannot be forgotten, either.

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What is interesting to note is that Matt Waletzko is the only offensive lineman who went between the Bears’ pick at 148 and their actual pick at 174. Most considered Waletzko a reach as well, so there is a real chance that the Bears were already targeting Jones at 148, and then grabbed him at 174. If they were not taking Jones at 148, it had to be another position.