3 reasons to give Chicago Bears GM Ryan Poles a break on first draft

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Chicago Bears - Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports /
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1. Chicago Bears roster never had a chance

It seems insane to think that Poles would have been able to come in and make big changes in one big swoop. When you add in that he had no salary cap space and no draft capital, you knew that he did not have enough resources to fix all of the issues.

This was known before the draft and now that the draft is overall fans are realizing it. The fans who knew this before the draft are fine, and the ones who did not are giving Poles an F for his first draft.

Perhaps if Poles had a firs round pick those fans would have changed their tune? Again, not his fault. Poles saw a roster that had no depth at linebacker, holes all over the secondary, players such as Akiem Hicks leaving, and that is just the defense.

So, when Poles did focus on defense over offense it is not like he was adding to a strength. The team needed help in the secondary. They needed help at wideout and offensive line. Nothing Poles did was going to fix every hole. That is why he continued to take the best player available and not worry about needs.

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It is understandable to look at the ned of the offseason and realize your team did not fix everything. However, if you came into the offseason with a realistic view of what the team was and what they can do, you are a lot less mad this morning than some.