The 2022 Chicago Bears rookie class’ jersey numbers announced

Chicago Bears - Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

After a handful of draft picks from the 2022 NFL Draft class found out they were being drafted by the Chicago Bears, multiple players had to have a long, hard thought on what number they wanted to wear as a member of the Bears.

Not that Justin Fields is a mean guy and didn’t want any of the new Bears to have #1, but as someone that likes the number enough to name their dog Uno, it was likely that Fields was going to have the new players pick a number greater than one.

That said, here are the numbers of each rookie drafted to the Chicago Bears from the 2022 NFL Draft class.

The Chicago Bears rookie jersey numbers announced

  • Kyler Gordon: 6
  • Jaquan Brisker: 9
  • Velus Jones Jr.: 12
  • Braxton Jones: 70
  • Dominique Robinson: 91
  • Zachary Thomas: 74
  • Trestan Ebner: 31
  • Doug Kramer: 68
  • Ja’Tyre Carter: 69
  • Elijah Hicks: 37
  • Trenton Gill: 16

Off the bat, it would’ve been cool to have a punter with a high-90s number– as Gill had in college– but he takes over a big number, taking the number of former Chicago Bears punter, Pat O’Donnell. Those are big shoes to fill, as Pat O’Donnell made a name for himself in Chicago with the Bears’ community.

My personal favorites would either be Jaquan Brisker (#9) or Velus Jones Jr. (#12). Seeing Brisker bring the hammer down on an opposing player wearing the No. 9 looks very cool in my head. For some reason, the picture in my head of Velus Jones Jr. wearing the No. 12 as he returns a kickoff for a touchdown just looks awesome.

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As for my least favorite, I’d have to do with either Trestan Ebner (#31) or Elijah Hicks (#37). As for aesthetics, 31 and 37 aren’t great, personally. However, if they end up being All-Pros, I couldn’t care less about their jersey number.

What’s your favorite rookie jersey number for the Chicago Bears’ rookie class?