Chicago Bears 2022 NFL Draft UDFA Profile: Jean Delance

Chicago Bears (Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears (Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports) /

With all the criticisms of the Chicago Bears offensive line in the 2021 season, Ryan Poles knew what one of their focuses was going to be in his time with the Bears.

He made that very apparent this draft, as well as the post-draft signings in UDFA.

University of Florida offensive tackle Jean Delance fell into that category for the Bears.

The Chicago Bears sign offensive tackle UDFA Jean Delance from Florida

Poles being a former offensive lineman himself — a UDFA, too — there’s likely a level of understanding coming from Ryan Poles with these UDFA signings. Being one himself back in 2008, there’s something relatable between him and the signings.

Now, given Delance’s frame, there’s the likelihood that the Chicago Bears utilize his abilities by kicking him inside as a guard. Along with that, the Chicago Bears have a need for interior linemen, so given that Delance feels comfortable playing any position on the line helps.

That said, Jean Delance is a highly athletic offensive lineman, all things considered. At Florida’s Pro Day, he ran his pro shuttle in 4.65 seconds and benched 225 pounds 21 times.

Delance started the 2021 season weighing in at 308-pounds, but at Florida’s Pro Day, he weighed in at 270 pounds. There was obviously work done by Jean Delance prior to the NFL Draft.

And something Ryan Poles has looked for in his ideal offensive line is an offensive line that’s fast, physical, and strong. Jean Delance strikes those boxes, while his technique could use a year or two to refine into a more NFL-ready lineman.

That said, he has some tape that is fun to watch, while some film isn’t nearly as fun to watch.

There are reps where he can get absolutely blown up or confused by a defensive line technique, but then there are also plays where he inflicts his will on the opponent.

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He’s a project, no doubt, but his upside could surely help the Chicago Bears offensive line’s depth if nothing else.