Sorting out Chicago Bears offensive line competitions

Chicago Bears - Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears have made it clear that they are going to have open competitions at most offensive line spots. While the team values versatility it does appear as though the picture is starting to get more clear now that we know what the whole room looks like.

Who are the Chicago Bears’ options at each position?

Chicago Bears tackles + positions of experience

Larry Borom – LT and RT

Teven Jenkins – LT and RT

Lachavious Simmons – RT

Jean Delance – RT

Braxton Jones – LT

Julien Davenport – LT and RT

Left Tackle Competition: Larry Borom, Braxton Jones, Julien Davenport

Right Tackle Competition: Teven Jenkins, Lachavious Simmons, Jean Delance 

With six tackles currently on the roster, it does look like the split is starting to form with three right tackles, and three left tackles. The Bears have been working Teven Jenkins at right tackle, and Larry Borom and left tackle, and while they have said this is not set yet, their moves and continuous usage in these roles have said differently.

The Bears signed Davenport, the most experienced player of the six names listed here. He has experience at right tackle, but in emergency settings, as he is much more experienced on the left side. Beyond that, their highest draft pick on the offensive line is Braxton Jones, a player who has only played left tackle. On the right side, Simmons remains after being a disaster last season, and UDFA Jean Delance was signed.

The path is clear for second-round pick Teven Jenkins to start, although he does have two young players ready to push. Still, the left side is much more of a three-man competition on paper, which makes sense considering the commitment and pre-draft evaluations of Borom.

Chicago Bears guard + positions of experience

Cody Whitehair – Allover

Willie Wright – RG and LG

Ja’Tyre Carter – transition to guard

Dakota Dozier – RG

Zach Thomas – RG

Dieter Eiselen – RG

Left Guard Competiton: Cody Whitehair, Ja’Trye Carter, Willie Wright 

Right Guard Competition: Dakota Dozier, Zach Thomas, Dieter Eiselen 

Again, we have six names and you can probably sort them out with three and three, just like tackle. Cody Whitehair seems locked into left guard, which should be for the best. Carter is moving from left tackle inside to guard, so learning behind Whitehair is probably his best option. Meanwhile, Wright is the third name to fill depth but is unlikely to push Whitehair or hurt the growth of Carter with a need for snaps.

On the right side, it should be like left tackle where the young draft pick feels like they can win the job. Dakota Dozier is not locked into anything, and Thomas has spent the early portions of time with the Bears at right guard. Eiselen has played right guard only in the preseason and has more upside than Wright, which gives him a chance to compete at the more open spot.

Chicago Bears Centers

Lucas Patrick 

Sam Mustpher

Doug Kramer

Just like the other positions, they have three options at center. Lucas Patrick was signed, Dough Kramer was drafted, and Sam Mustipher was the incumbent starter. Mustipher is behind the eight ball considering they brought in two players to replace him, but he will get a fair shot as competition will be happening at all five positions.