Chicago Bears post-draft quarterback depth chart

Chicago Bears (Mandatory Credit: Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears (Mandatory Credit: Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports) /

As the Chicago Bears finished off rookie camp and we get closer to the downtime in the NFL calendar we can get a look at where the roster currently stands. With a new coach and GM there have been plenty of changes since we last saw this roster, so who are the new names, and how do they stack up on the depth chart? To start, we will look at quarterbacks, a position without much debate.

1. Justin Fields

The talk of the Chicago Bears front office sabotaging Justin Fields is far overblown. The team had so many holes in their roster and so few resources that it seems insane to expect the team to have done everything they needed to do this offseason. This season will be about learning what Fields is good at, and the next offseason will be adding players around his skillset.

2. Trevor Siemian

The Chicago Bears made things easy for this spot when they released Nick Foles. To be fair, they told Foles when they signed Siemian that he would not be here long. The team tried to trade Foles, and when they did not get their chance on draft weekend, they did the respectable thing to let him go.

Now, we will see where Nick Foles winds up. As for Siemian, he has said that he relishes the role of backup and wants to be a guiding presence for Justin Fields. That is why you sign someone like him.

3. Ryan Willis

Ryan Willis is essentially a camp participant. Willis started his college career at Kansas but transferred to Virginia Tech. He only started five games during his senior season in 2019 and has been bouncing around from spring leagues to practice squads trying to find a job.

dark. Next. Sorting out offensive line

The Chicago Bears are unlikely to bring in a fourth quarterback, these are going to be their top three.