How many games should the Chicago Bears win in 2022?

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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After a season of unfortunate events for the Chicago Bears, there’s a clean slate surrounding the Bears with all the new changes this offseason.

Between hiring Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus, and gaining new rookies in the draft, the Bears are a much different looking team than they were last year.

That being said, the Nagy-led Chicago Bears went 6-11.

Will the Chicago Bears win more or fewer games than last season?

And after all that team endured, a 6-11 record isn’t nearly as bad as their play could’ve indicted.

At times, usually with Justin Fields on the field, the Bears looked like they could be an above-average team. The Chicago Bears that showed up in Pittsburgh on Monday Night in Week 9 looked like a team that knew what they were doing.

Though, there were the lows, too.

Specifically, the game against the Browns. That’s all I’ll bring up about that game, as it’s probably for the best that Bears fans move on from that game.

Now, with the new schedule, what games are winnable for the Bears? Mostly games that are must-win. Games that, if played on paper, would favor the Chicago Bears nine times out of ten.

And I won’t be basing it off Vegas odds or anything, just how I feel about the matchups.

It will be interested trying to predict with this team, as it just looks so much different from what it looked like last year. The Bears are even a different team since the last offseason. It’s only been a handful of months, yet, the team looks far different from last year.

That could either be a good or bad thing, and only time will tell, really.

With the 2022-23 NFL season’s schedule set in place — for the most part barring complications — which games are winnable for the Chicago Bears?