How many games should the Chicago Bears win in 2022?

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions
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Winnable Game No. 4: Chicago Bears at New England Patriots (Week 7)

This one might be surprising to some, though, the New England Patriots are a team that I see taking a major regression step from last year to this year.

Mac Jones isn’t a quarterback that can operate as well as other quarterbacks in the league, and because of that, the lack of moves by the Patriots this offseason was questioning.

The Bears should be able to handle the New England Patriots this season on Monday Night for the whole nation to see.

Week 7: Win for the Chicago Bears.

Winnable Game No. 5: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears (Week 10)

This is one wherein prior seasons, the Lions would be chalked up as two wins per season.

That being said, the Detroit Lions added some serious talent this draft in Aidan Hutchinson and Jameson Williams. Even if Williams looked “happy” to those online, the possibility of him being a stud wide receiver is high.

However, Jared Goff has limitations.

While it’s usually common practice to figure the Bears will beat the Lions twice per season. That’s not the case this season, so it’s likely they’d beat them in their home stadium in Week 10.

Week 10: Win for the Chicago Bears.

Winnable Game No. 6: Chicago Bears at Atlanta Falcons (Week 11)

Even with Ryan Pace making the Atlanta Falcons the Chicago Bears 2.0, it’s unlikely that this team is a serious threat to NFL teams.

The Falcons are a team that needs to fill a lot of holes, though, they didn’t fill many of them.

Drake London was a good addition, but the quarterback situation in Marcus Mariota and Desmond Ridder provides little reason to believe their passing game will be dynamic.

Between that and their lack of firepower on the defensive side of the ball — outside A.J. Terrell — there’s no reason to believe the Bears should lose this game.

Week 11: Win for the Chicago Bears.