How many games should the Chicago Bears win in 2022?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Winnable Game No. 7: Chicago Bears at New York Jets (Week 12)

This page in itself might anger some people.

That said, even with an incredible draft for the New York Jets, the Bears should be able to beat them in Week 12.

The jury is seemingly more out on Zack Wilson than it is Justin Fields. However, if Fields progresses the way he’s done in the eyes of Luke Getsy, the Bears should be in a better position by Week 12.

This is one I feel less confident in, but if the Bears want to be considered for real, they need to be able to beat these Jets before they start to mesh.

On paper, the Jets have a higher ceiling, but this should be a win for the Bears.

Week 12: Win for the Chicago Bears.

Winnable Game No. 8: Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings (Week 12) or Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears (Week 5)

This is similar to the Detroit Lions’ theory.

In the last four seasons, the Chicago Bears have a 5-3 record against the Vikings.

It might not make sense considering the Vikings have a better roster, but similar to death and taxes, the Bears beating the Vikings at least once seems likely.

While it might not be a clean sweep, getting once against the Vikings is going to happen.

Week 5 (away) or Week 18 (home): Win for the Chicago Bears.

Winnable Game No. 9: San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears (Week 1)

Best for last: Week 1, SF 49ers @ Chicago Bears.

This is said with the understanding that the 49ers and Deebo Samuel will continue to have a fracture in their relationship by that time, as well as the uncertainties at quarterback.

The 49ers are a good team, however, the Bears were a couple of blown plays away from beating them last year with all that was going on within the Bears’ organization.

This might be a bold estimate, however, it’s a take I’m standing by. Considering everything, this game will be great for narratives if it’s Trey Lance vs. Justin Fields.

Week 1: Win for the Chicago Bears.