Examining changes to Chicago Bears RB depth chart

Chciago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports
Chciago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears roster rebuild is on. With a new front office, and new coaches all over the roster will look entirely different by this time next year, and already looks much different than the Ryan Pace Bears.

When looking at the running back position, we wrote up the Chicago Bears depth chart at this time last year. While the Bears did not make the big changes that fans wanted, they did turn over the depth chart of most positions. Here is what it looked like at this time last year.

David Montgomery

Tarik Cohen (Released, Current Free Agent)

Damien Williams (Signed with Atlanta Falcons)

Khalil Herbert

Ryan Nall (Signed With Dallas Cowboys)

Artavis Pierce (Current Free Agent)

CJ Marable (released in 2021, in USFL)

Chicago Bears 2022 Running Back Depth Chart

1. David Montgomery

This is the only holdover in terms of standing on the depth chart from a year ago. The question now will become whether they extend him this offseason, or if he enters the year with the chance to be on another team in 2023.

2. Khalil Herbert

At this point last offseason Herbert was looked at as the number four running back and a sixth-round pick. if there is one thing Ryan Pace did well it was fine day three players. Herbert is another one. Injuries helped, but when he got on the field he was one of the better

3. Darrynton Evans

Darrynton Evans was on the Tennessee Titans a year ago. Injuries have held the third round back from getting on the field through two seasons, but Ryan Poles is hoping that he just got a free lottery ticket with upside in Evans. Evans is a speed back with pass-catching upside in a way that could replace Tarik Cohen.

4. Trestan Ebner

The Chicago Bears do not have much depth, so Ebner could make the roster, but it does seem as though he would be competing with Darrynton Evans for one role, or roster spot. Both have return game ability, both are one-cut runners who are more straight-line fast than shifty quick. For now, Evans is the better prospect, but if he cannot stay healthy, they will be happy to have Ebner.

5. De’Montre Tuggle

The Bears brought in Tuggle as a UDFA after he beat out Master Teague in the rookie minicamp workouts. Tuggle has size and is more of a goal-line back who would be depth behind Montgomery, considering Ebner and Evans are change-of-pace runners.

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Damien Williams and Tarik Cohen were much more established than Hebert and Evans, but the cost is not comparable. Ebner and Tuggle could be considered upgrades from Nall and Pierce in that they are younger, cheaper, and fresher, but Nall at least had a legitimate special teams role in his arsenal, while neither Tuggler nor Ebner have defined themselves yet.