The 3 biggest blunders by Ryan Poles during the Chicago Bears offseason

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Before you all get your underwear all twisted up, this is not a Ryan Poles bash piece. Anyone who has read any of my work understands that I fully believe in Ryan Poles even if I don’t completely agree with every move he has and hasn’t made this offseason. That said, every general manager has proven to make multiple missteps each year and Poles is not unlike any others. This is an attempt to predict which moves Poles did or didn’t make for the Chicago Bears that will go down as blunders.

If we go back to the Ryan Pace era, plenty of blunders exist. In his first offseason, he selected Kevin White with the seventh-overall pick. Now, he had no way of knowing that White would sustain an offseason injury that would essentially ruin his ability to develop in the NFL. However, even though White was considered a top wide receiver prospect, he was very, very raw. There was no guarantee he’d become a great receiver in the NFL and we have seen that ship go down in flames.

The Chicago Bears blunders have been evident over the last decade or two

This is just one example. The Mike Glennon signing was a big blunder. Drafting Adam Shaheen in the second round in 2017 was a big blunder. The Mitch Trubisky situation was obviously a blunder too despite the fact that Trubisky isn’t as bad as many fans like to make it seem. There are definitely some others under Pace’s tenure, and as I said, it happens under every single general manager in the NFL. In fact, hiring Matt Nagy as the head coach in 2018 may have been his biggest blunder.

Now, let’s take a look at where Ryan Poles has gone wrong in his first offseason. Will these “blunders” turn out to be horrific moves or will they turn out to be something that fans don’t even remember in a year or two?