The 3 biggest blunders by Ryan Poles during the Chicago Bears offseason

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The Chicago Bears right guard spot could be a huge blunder this year

Ryan Poles really wanted to target Ryan Bates this offseason. The team was very close to landing him, but there’s honestly no guarantee he’d be the answer either. Bates played well in 2021, but also only has four starts to his career. Instead, the Bills matched the Chicago Bears’ offer sheet and brought Bates back to Buffalo.

Poles also let James Daniels go in the process. Daniels was coming off a somewhat rough season as he had allowed 39 pressures last year. The thing is, I wonder how many of those were also due to the fact he was blocking next to Sam Mustipher. Daniels would make this roster feel much better in my opinion. He’s also younger than rookie wide receiver, Velus Jones with four years of experience. I’d had preferred they kept Daniels this year, his contract was very fair, and then let Cody Whitehair go in 2023. Instead,

Instead, as of right now, the starting right guard is Sam Mustipher. Mustipher put some weight on this offseason and I’m not so sure that’s a good thing. Ryan Poles bought in four new draft picks on the offensive line and the hope is that the team is able to find one worthy enough to start next to new free agent center Lucas Patrick. Ryan Poles may be regretting allowing Daniels to go without a plan C behind the Ryan Bates mishap. Somewhat neglecting the position could lead to the biggest blunder of Ryan Poles’ offseason.

The good news is that the scheme should help mask some deficiencies on the offensive line and there are still a few months to help shape up that guard spot.