Examining changes to Chicago Bears Guard depth chart

Chicago Bears (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears have made a long list of changes to their roster. We have been highlighting the changes and at most positions, only one or two players from the last roster were still around. We wrote up the Bears guard depth chart at this time last year, and below is what we had. There may have been small changes before the season, but this was where they stood at OTAs.

Cody Whitehair

James Daniels (FA signed with PGH)

Alex Bars (FA signed with LVR)

Arlington Hambright (Released, signed with NE)

Adam Redmond (Current FA)

Dieter Eiselen 

Dareuan Parker (Current FA)

Similarly to some other positions the end of the roster players still do not have a home yet. This speaks to where the roster was. Still, Daniels, Bars, and Hambright have all found homes, and unlike other positions, it was not with Ryan Pace in Atlanta.

Now, we can see the change in the roster below

Cody Whitehair

Whitehair is the mainstay and it is funny to note that in a year with the most change the front office has seen, he will have the most continuity of his career, finally starting in the same spot for two straight years.

Dakota Dozier (FA)

Whether you do not like James Daniels, think he got overpaid, or anything else you have to admit that Daniels to Dozier is a drop off on paper. The Bears are hoping that the saved money and possibly the depth could be the solution.

Zach Thomas (Draft)

The Bears are not rooting for Thomas to win the job, but it would look good for Poles if he was able to find a starter during his day three swings of the bat, and Thomas has the easiest path, seemingly just needing to beat out Dozier.

Dieter Eiselen

Dieter Eiselen is the only name beyond Whitehair that was kept. He will get a fair crack at right guard snaps, but you have to think the hand-picked Poles draft pick, and free agent sit above him as they enter camp.

JaTyre Carter (Draft)

Zach Thomas may be the closest to starting of the rookies, while Carter is the closest to being a project. Carter played tackle and will have to move inside, and early on he has been shadowing Whitehair as the backup left guard, while the three names above him compete to start at right guard.

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Willie Wright (FA)

One of the first moves Ryan Poles made as a General Manager was to sign Willie Wright to a futures deal. Do not put much stock into that, he made the signing before free agency so the pool was thin, he just wanted to get some depth in here. Still, he must see something worth brining him to training camp over.