Examining changes to Chicago Bears center depth chart

Chicago Bears (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

There is no doubt that the Chicago Bears roster looks plenty different than it did, even compared to this time a year ago. After the Bears OTAs in 2021, we did a post-draft depth chart to sort out each position. A year later we have a new GM, a new head coach, and all kinds of roster changes.

How notable are the changes to the Bears’ center depth chart? Keep in mind, that this is a comparison from this time last year, so some things may have changed in between.

Chicago Bears 2021 Center Depth Chart

Sam Mustipher

James Daniels (FA signed with PGH)

Cody Whitehair

Yes, the Chicago Bears depth chart was so thin that they technically had three starters as their top three from this unit. They had no other centers. In most positions, they shredded the fat and then started to build back up. At center, they just added enough to ensure Whitehair should not be in discussion to snap anymore.

Chicago Bears 2022 Center Depth Chart

Lucas Patrick (FA)

The Bears signed Lucas Patrick with the intention that he would be able to win the starting center spot. He will have to earn it, but having familiarity with offensive coordinator Luke Getsy will only give him another step up over his competition.

Sam Mustipher

Mustipher is the man returning. Fans will surely want to see him at the bottom of the depth chart, but he did start last season, so while a FA was signed to replace him, he holds backup duty for now.

Doug Kramer (Draft)

The Chicago Bears front office, as well as most fans, are hoping that Doug Kramer can unseat Mustipger. This is a player the Bears drafted, albeit in the sixth round. Considering the new regime did not bring in Mustipher, they probably would prefer Kramer to win the spot. Still, he has to win it and cannot be rewarded the spot.

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It is telling to see a depth chart that had Mustipher at the top possibly see him flip to the bottom in a year’s time. What is more telling is that a sixth-round pick and a bargain-free agent signing are all that it took.