The Chicago Bears defense should be a top-10 unit in 2022

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /
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Last four years of defensive DVOA show the Chicago Bears defense will be good

Let’s look at some stats over the last four years. First, let us look at the Chicago Bears and how this team has done on the defensive side of the ball. In 2021, most fans would agree that the Bears’ defense was not great. The thing is though, they weren’t bad either. Overall, the team finished 13th in Defensive DVOA despite a rough defensive season — mostly in the secondary.

If we look back further, the team finished eighth in Defensive DVOA in 2020, 10th in 2019 and first in 2018. That 2018 year was special for the defense and you can tell just how badly the team missed Vic Fangio in certain areas. Injuries were also a concern in 2019, 2020 and 2021, but again, this team has always found a way to be solid on defense. This upcoming season shouldn’t be any different.

Alan Williams is now the defensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears, but we know that he is going to follow the same principles as Matt Eberflus. The defensive scheme will be nearly identical I am sure, with just a few of Williams’ personal twists. Well, the Colts have also done very well in Defensive DVOA under the direction of Eberflus and Williams. Last year the team was eighth in Defensive DVOA. In 2020, the team finished seventh, in 2019 it was a rough year with a ranking of 19th, but in 2018 the team finished 11th.

I would say that the current Chicago Bears roster is better than what the Colts had as a whole over the last four years. I have no doubt this team will finish in the top 10 in Defensive DVOA in 2022 too.