Video evidence proves Ryan Poles stuck to his Chicago Bears draft board

Chicago Bears - Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports /

We have heard many from within the Chicago Bears organization claim that Ryan Poles and his team stuck to his 2022 NFL Draft board when making their first two selections. Those two selections were Kyler Gordon (39 overall) and Jaquan Brisker (48 overall).

Not many were too upset with the pick of Kyler Gordon. Gordon was projected as a late first or early second-round pick. It was the Jaquan Brisker pick that had many, including myself, wonder why the team did not target a wide receiver when George Pickens, Alec Pierce and Skyy Moore will still all on the board. Well the answer is simple, as Ryan Poles told us, he stuck to his board and even though not everyone believed him, we now have video and audio evidence.

The Chicago Bears released another episode of 1920 Football Drive yesterday. Within that video were plenty of great behind-the-scenes clips of camp, the Bears draft day, and more. Definitely click the link and check it out if you haven’t watched it already. Now, for anyone who was a naysayer and nonbeliever of Ryan Poles’ draft process, I urge you to pay attention to the 20:15 mark in the video.

Ryan Poles sticks to his NFL Draft board for his first draft as Chicago Bears GM

At that mark in the video, the Chicago Bears are one pick away from their selection at 39. We hear Poles make the comment:

"“Write down Gordon one…Brisker two”"

Again, no one is surprised by the Gordon pick. Honestly, after you sit back and think about it, taking Brisker at 48 wasn’t the wrong move either. This secondary has three pieces to build around now with Jaylon Johnson, Gordon and Brisker. It was a weakness that now projects to be a strength.

That said, I think enough fans (once again including myself) thought the team would go either offensive line or wide receiver with the second of the team’s second-round picks. In this same video, you see Ian Cunningham talking to Poles about how many times they mocked the draft and the few times he dropped that far. They never believed Gordon would fall to them at 39.

Now, it’s way too soon to know if Poles and his team made the right choices, but from everything we are hearing and the little we are seeing, it does appear that these two will make an immediate impact on this team. I recently wrote about how the team will be a top-10 defense this year once again. Believe it or not, I’m staking claim to it. Reports are that Velus Jones has been doing well too, so maybe, just maybe Ryan Poles knows what he’s doing.