Could Chicago Bears acquire this WR from the Jets?

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The Chicago Bears are trying to find someone to step in and fill their void at wide receiver. With the holes on their roster and limited resources, most would agree that they did not quite do enough to feel comfortable. The team has continued to bring in veterans, but a name that may end up being younger, with much more upside is Denzel Mims from the New York Jets.

The Chicago Bears are building for the future, and that does not mean bringing in any old veteran, but Mims is a great idea because he is still very young. Mims is just 24 years old, so yes, he is still younger than Velus Jones Jr. If Mims were in this draft he would still be highly coveted, but because he struggled in the NFL, the Bears can get a free draft pick at the age of a rookie.

Mims has hit just 490 yards in his first two NFL seasons. Still, that is more than Dante Pettis, Equanimous St. Brown, David Moore, or Tajae Sharpe were able to put up over the past two seasons combined. That is playing with Sam Darnold and Adam Gase as a rookie, then having a coach who did not draft him or want him in year two. There is untapped potential here.

So, Mims is younger with more NFL production recently than Pettis, Jones, St. Brown, Moore, and Sharpe. He is not a high-end bet to be the guy, but he is arguably as good, or at least has more upside than any wideout on the roster not named Darnell Mooney.

The best news about Denzel Mims will be his cost. While he is a 24-year-old second-round pick, the Jets invested so much in wide receiver since he was drafted. Mike LeFleur, the Jets offensive coordinator did not draft Mims. However, since LeFleur was hired the team did sign Corey Davis, draft Elijah Moore and Garrett Wilson, and extended Braxton Berrios. They have made it loud and clear that they do not want Denzel Mims.

Mims is the fourth wideout for the Jets but would immediately come in and have the potential to be the second wideout, while at the same time being the youngest athlete in the room. The NFL is like vultures circling around the Jets knowing that they are going to cut him.

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The Bears could trade a conditional seventh to make it happen sooner, or they could wait it out, and tell Mims to sign where he may get a shot at snaps, which is Chicago.