Predicting the Chicago Bears starting offensive line

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Chicago Bears, Teven Jenkins
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The Chicago Bears hopefully have an elite offensive tackle in Teven Jenkins

Now, in fairness, Ryan Pace actually started this process last year when drafting Teven Jenkins and Larry Borom. Both linemen stepped in by the end of the season and looked like some solid offensive lineman prospects. Jenkins was seen as more of a project when drafted, as his back needed surgery and that rehab wouldn’t be quick.

With that said, Jenkins is feeling 100% now, and the days of being Justin Fields’ bodyguard seem to be much closer than they did last season. This is important since we barely saw Jenkins on the field last season. Not fully knowing how good or bad Teven Jenkins is as a player makes it more difficult for the new regime this offseason. It appears as though he’s going to be locked in at right tackle, but could that change if the left tackle spot cannot be secured by someone else?

Instead of only looking at Jenkins, let’s take a look at whom the Chicago Bears’ starting offensive line will contain. With how few clean pockets Justin Fields had in his limited 2021 play-time, who will be the starting linemen making sure Fields’ uniform remains cleaner than it tended to be most of last season?