These four make up the ultimate Chicago Bears Mount Rushmore

Chicago Bears (Photo by George Gelatly/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by George Gelatly/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Walter Payton
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Walter “Sweetness” Payton is a lock to be on the Chicago Bears Mount Rushmore

Could you imagine any Chicago Bears Mount Rushmore without Walter Payton? The only way that happens is if we assigned the task to a blind person and he or she had to point to four random players’ names on a list without using Braille.

In fact, if we were to make a running backs version of Mount Rushmore for every player who has played a snap in the NFL, Payton would be on that list. In fact, Payton and Barry Sanders are probably the only two locks on that list. Then arguments could be made for guys like Emmitt Smith, Adrian Peterson, Eric Dickerson, Jim Brown, and more.

Payton averaged 4.4 yards per carry throughout his career. He was a dual-threat running back too. He was known for his toughness, stiff arms, and ability to escape defenders’ grasps. Payton finished his career with nine Pro Bowl nods and five First-Team All-Pro honors. When he retired, he held the rushing title. He has since been surpassed by Emmitt Smith who played an additional two years in the league. Payton is still third overall with 21,264 career all-purpose yards.

If you do not think of Walter Payton immediately after seeing the Chicago Bears logo you have been living under a rock. Payton is the first to get his face on our rock though and an easy choice. He is one of only two Bears to have a statue outside of Soldier Field. Will the other one make the top four? Time will tell.