These four make up the ultimate Chicago Bears Mount Rushmore

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Chicago Bears, Mike Ditka
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Mike “Da Coach” Ditka is the most iconic Chicago Bears face to be in this group

Mike Ditka is the most iconic person when it comes to the Chicago Bears. In fact, if you were to think of Mike Ditka over Walter Payton I could not blame you. The Saturday Night Live skits made Ditka infamous. Alright, Ditka made himself infamous.

Ditka was with the Chicago Bears for six of his 12 seasons. He won Rookie of the Year in 1961 after scoring 12 touchdowns and gaining 1,076 yards. Many say he changed the way the game is played from a tight end perspective and paved the path for the many receiving tight ends in the NFL today. In five of his six seasons with the Chicago Bears, Ditka made the Pro Bowl. He never earned another Pro Bowl nod with Dallas or Philadelphia.

When it comes to Ditka, his presence in Chicago is more largely known for his time as the Bears coach. This is how he earned his nickname “Da Coach” and he is the only head coach in Chicago Bears history to win a Super Bowl. This was not a one-year wonder though. During his 11 years as the Bears’ head coach, Ditka finished with a 106-62 record, seven playoff appearances, and won the NFC Central six times. Can you name a Bears coach since then with this type of success?