Can Justin Fields join this pretty good company of quarterbacks this year?

Justin Fields - Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports
Justin Fields - Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears did not do Justin Fields any favors in his rookie season. He was not given any time with the starting roster during the offseason for starters. Then, Fields had to play in that broken system Matt Nagy likes to call an offense. Allen Robinson seemed to not be trying knowing he was playing on the franchise tag. The offensive line had more holes in it than Swiss cheese, and the list goes on and on about why Fields struggled.

Now, this does not absolve him of his own mistakes. For one, Fields has to hold onto the football better this season. 12 fumbles are not acceptable, even if he was trying to put the offense on his shoulders. Fields also needs to be a little more patient and decisive. The patience I think comes as rookies learn how to play within the NFL. The hope is the game will seem slower to Fields this year. The decisive part is important too and also comes with experience. Luke Getsy has Fields going back to some mechanical basics and some small changes have already been noticed in camp.

Can Justin Fields find a way to make this list of other very good quarterbacks?

When we look at the NFL, it has definitely become a passing league. The days of having only a few guys throw for over 300 yards per game are done. Now, the number to target is 400+ yards per game. Touchdowns are another area that has seen a drastic jump. Quarterbacks are throwing (and at times also running) for over 30 touchdowns per year on a more consistent basis. Well, when we look at this list that Warren Sharp tweeted out the other day, can Justin Fields find a way to make that list? He’d have to do so this season as he will be 24 for the 2023 season.

Now, Justin Fields would need to see drastic improvement this year to go from only scoring nine touchdowns last season to jumping up to 33 this year. Many would say that this is unachievable with the wide receiver group the team is putting together. However, if Justin Fields remains healthy and is the quarterback I believe him to be, then this is definitely within reach.

The biggest key is the new offense, which should help Fields drastically. No more multiple curl routes coupled with crossing patterns that have players in the same spots. Instead, Luke Getsy is going to cater the offense more to Justin Fields’ and other players’ strengths — something we did not see with Matt Nagy in charge.

Although this is a monstrous feat, can you imagine if Fields is able to achieve 33+ touchdowns this year? Outside of Jared Goff, Cam Newton, and Blake Bortles (jury is still out on Kyler Murray), there are some pretty elite names on this list. Let’s home Justin Fields can be another one.