5 veterans likely in their last season with Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears, Robert Quinn
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3. Robert Quinn

Most fans would be okay if the Chicago Bears traded Robert Quinn this summer. One thing that is fair to say is that whether it is this summer or next, this may be it for Quinn with the Chicago Bears. While the team could save $12M this year if they move on from him, trading Quinn next year would also clear $14M off of the cap.

Considering Quinn will be 33 in 2023, they may be better off saving that cap space than paying him. The reason that Bears fans want him traded now is that he is tough to trust.

Quinn has been known as a streaky sack artist who can get hot some years, and cool off the next. Bears fans saw it first hand as he put up 19.5 sacks in two years, of course, that is 18.5 in one year and one in the other. If Quinn struggles this year the team went from getting a later pick for him to nothing at all.

At the same time, if he does perform, they could still get about the same cost, or arguably more considering the consistency. Either way, as the team gets younger, cheaper, and more in the image of Ryan Poles and less in the image of Ryan Pace, Quinn will not be here for much longer.