Another way too early prediction of the Chicago Bears 53-man roster

Chicago Bears - Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports /
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When we look at the Chicago Bears as a franchise, there have been plenty of changes. The team has gone from one of the oldest rosters in the NFL to now projected as one of the youngest. When looking at the players on the current roster, only five players are 30 years of age or older. In fact, only nine players total are 29 years of age or older. Ryan Poles has come in and quickly made changes to turn this team around quickly. To be honest, I think the team does better than most think they will in 2022. They aren’t a playoff team, but they aren’t the worst team either.

Instead, the expectations of this team just need to be about growth. We need to see growth from Justin Fields the most. The amount of growth a quarterback shows from year one to year two is typically the most important. It is not often that we see a quarterback who struggled in his rookie and sophomore years improve drastically. I am on record saying I believe Justin Fields is the most talented quarterback prospect the Chicago Bears have ever drafted. Now I need him to prove it.

For anyone overly concerned with the wide receiver group, do not worry, you are not alone. That said, no one should be overly concerned. There is enough talent and potential in that group to help Justin Fields succeed. The scheme change by Luke Getsy will also help. Now, it’s just a matter of Fields putting it all together. His success will be the deciding factor of how this entire team does this season. Realistically, they will be bad, but if Fields shows massive improvement, they could potentially be average.

Now, let’s take a look at who is likely to be sticking around on this 53-man roster. We will start with the easiest group.

The Chicago Bears quarterback depth chart will look like this

  • QB1: Justin FIelds
  • QB2: Trevor Siemian

Last season, the Chicago Bears were stuck keeping three quarterbacks. This year, I doubt the team keeps Nathan Peterman on the 53-man roster and instead will be moving on or will move him to the practice squad. This will give them the flexibility to keep a player at a different position.

Now let’s look at the offensive skill positions.