Another way too early prediction of the Chicago Bears 53-man roster

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Chicago Bears, Trevis Gipson
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Predicting who the Chicago Bears keep in the front seven this season

The Chicago Bears are shifting defensive schemes this season from a 3-4 front to a 4-3 front. This is not as small of a shift as many think. Some players are only suited for certain schemes. We saw Ryan Poles trade Khalil Mack away, but that was not because he couldn’t play as a 4-3 defensive end. Both Mack and Robert Quinn have experience and have shown production in both schemes.

The roster has seen a somewhat drastic shift this offseason though and that is partly due to the change in the defensive scheme. We can start with defensive line that will at least look somewhat the same as last season — at least at the defensive end spot.

  • DE1: Robert Quinn
  • DE2: Trevis Gipson
  • DE3: Mario Edwards
  • DE4: Dominique Robinson
  • DE5: Sam Kamara
  • DE6: Cut Candidate from another team

Now, when it comes to the defensive tackle position, there aren’t as many familiar faces from last season. The team will need to focus on who will be the 3-technique should Justin Jones not succeed.

  • DT1: Justin Jones
  • DT2: Angelo Blackson
  • DT3: Khyiris Tonga
  • DT4: Auzoyah Alufohai

With the defensive line accounted for, it’s time to turn our attention to the linebackers. Roquan Smith is the top player in this group. He is likely to see a big pay day before next season. There are a few other new faces too. Here is how I envision they shake out.

  • LB1: Roquan Smith
  • LB2: Nicholas Morrow
  • LB3: Matt Adams
  • LB4: Caleb Johnson
  • LB5: Noah Dawkins

One more position group to go — the defense.