What it would take for the Chicago Bears to trade for DK Metcalf

Chicago Bears - Credit: Rob Schumacher-Arizona Republic
Chicago Bears - Credit: Rob Schumacher-Arizona Republic /
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We have already been down this path once before this offseason. Earlier this year, rumors were swirling around about DK Metcalf potentially being available as the Seahawks looked to be doing a bit of a teardown and rebuild after shipping Russell Wilson off to Denver. Although it is highly unlikely, I think that Ryan Poles must at least consider the idea of bringing DK Metcalf to the Chicago Bears if it’s truly a possibility.

Earlier this offseason, everything was based on pure speculation. However, now that DK Metcalf is choosing to not report to the Seahawks’ mandatory minicamp. Now, we must make it known that Metcalf is rehabbing from a foot injury, but all reports are that his absence is not approved. He also attended some of the voluntary camp days earlier this year, but is it possible that those appearances have led to his disappearance now?

Is it possible that the Chicago Bears trade for DK Metcalf?

Imagine going to Seahawks camp and realizing just how much of a drop-off at quarterback you are going to see from Russell Wilson to either Drew Lock or Geno Smith. Smith was with the Seahawks last season and even started three games while Russell Wilson was sidelined with an injury. To be fair, DK Metcalf did put up some solid numbers while Smith was slinging the rock. He totaled 197 yards and three touchdowns during that three-game span. Still, I cannot imagine that Metcalk is too happy that his quarterback play went from a future Hall of Fame quarterback to a couple of backups.

If there is any chance that the Seahawks are willing to trade DK Metcalf, the Chicago Bears better be interested. The problem is, we don’t know what to expect from Ryan Poles in his first season as the Bears’ general manager. He has made it known that he wants to build through the draft, but he has also mentioned the possibility of future trades too. Typically a team in the Bears’ situation shouldn’t be trading for players, but Metcalf still fits with the long-term plans this team is tackling.