What it would take for the Chicago Bears to trade for DK Metcalf

Chicago Bears - Credit: Rob Schumacher-Arizona Republic
Chicago Bears - Credit: Rob Schumacher-Arizona Republic /
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Chicago Bears, DK Metcalf
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The Chicago Bears would be giving up some serious future draft capital

Now, the big problem that comes into play with these types of trades is the cost to make them happen. The Seahawks are not going to take an aging Robert Quinn and a second-round pick. I’ve seen this thrown around on social media as of late. Nope, that’s not going to sway the Seahawks into a deal.

Maybe they’d consider swapping Roquan Smith in a trade, but why would a defensive-minded head coach ship off arguably the best player on his defense? That does not make sense from a Chicago Bears standpoint. Swapping Smith for DK Metcalf was another trade scenario I saw on social media.

No, in order to make this happen, it is more likely that the Seahawks are looking strictly for 2023 and/or 2024 draft picks. The good news is the Chicago Bears have a decent draft lot next year and the year after. The bad news is that I’m not sure Ryan Poles is willing to ship off the draft capital needed — especially since it is likely that the Bears have a top-15 (maybe even top-10) draft pick in 2023.

Do you trade for a young, known commodity who can play for your team for another four years (or longer) or do you take your chances on a top prospect instead? Now, you are hoping that you pick the right player who you have on a cheap rookie deal and can hopefully lock-in for six to eight years (or more). There are clearly risks on both sides and Ryan Poles will have to determine which option he likes more. A trade for DK Metcalf is going to take a 2023 first-round pick along with more.

Davante Adams cost a first and a second this year. Tyreek Hill cost the Dolphins five draft picks. The Dolphins sent 2022 first, second and fourth-rounders along with fourth and sixth-rounders in 2023. If I had to guess, DK Metcalf, who is younger than both, will cost three draft picks. He will cost a first-rounder in 2023, plus a 2023 third-rounder and then likely a second-round pick in 2024. Another option could be 2023 first and seconds along with a 2024 third-rounder. Either way, the price is significant. Are you willing to pay that price for DK Metcalf to come to Chicago?