5 depth players from Ryan Pace who could stick with Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears, Caleb Johnson
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2. Caleb Johnson

Caleb Johnson is in a better spot than Charles Snowden entering 2022. While Snowden has to figure out a role, Johnson bow steps into a linebacker room that is thin on depth and could lead to him not only sticking around on the roster but also fighting to start.

Nicholas Morrow is a starter on paper, but missed a full season and is changing teams. Matt Adams is ahead of Johnson because the Colts coaches brought him from the Colts. Beyond these two and Roquan Smith, no one can say they are definitely ahead of Johnson.

UDFAs like Jack Sanborn and CJ Avery will be in the mix, and with the backing of Poles and Eberflus may come in with biases that give them an edge. Still, Johnson was in a linebacker room that had more names than this last year and found a way to make the roster, so this could be yet another UDFA from Pace who could help Poles transition the roster over.