How high can Chicago Bears Robert Quinn climb in all-time sack ranks?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /

While the Chicago Bears will not be the most interesting team next season there could be a fun plotline to follow. That is how high Robert Quinn could climb the all-time sack rankings in his time with the Bears.

After his first season in Chicago, it looked like he would be a forgotten signing, but now he is expected to be here for year three, and his second year made fans think that he was back to his prime.

Quinn is still just 32, which is surprising for how long he has played. That is old, but still gives him a few more years with gas in the tank.

After a long, and impressive career, Robert Quinn currently ranks 35th all-time. To put into perspective how valuable his last season was, he was not in the top 50 after 2020. Now, he is going to start climbing with big names.

One thing standing in front of him is that there are four active players on the list above him. Von Miller has 114.5 sacks, Chandler Jones has 107.5, Cam Jordan has 107, and JJ Watt has 102. Quinn currently sits at 101.

He may jump Watt, but if the other three have their normal years as of late, he will not catch them.

Still, another 18-sack season might, and it would jump Quinn to 22nd all-time. ESPN currently has Quinn projected to hit 10 sacks. That would get him closer to the 24th.

Between Von Miller at 114.5 sacks, and Robert Quinn at 101 is number 22 through 35 in the rankings. Miller is still seven sacks behind Clyde Simmons for number 21, though, so there is a. break between 114.5 and 121.5.

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He will need 12 sacks to top Sean Jones and get to 22nd but will need 20 sacks to get ahead of Simmons. This will be worth following to see if Quinn can get closer to the top 20 and if his 2023 season would have him locked in as a top 20 sack artist of all time.