Giving new grades to the Chicago Bears 2015 NFL Draft class

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The Chicago Bears selected Adrian Amos with their fifth-round pick in 2015

When it comes to value, the Chicago Bears landed a quality player in Adrian Amos. Some believe him to be better than he truly is though — just ask a Packers fan. Anyway, for a fifth-round pick, Amos is arguably the best player the Chicago Bears drafted in this draft. It is easily between Amos and Eddie Goldman. When you account for the fact Amos was a fifth-rounder while Goldman was a second-rounder, I’d lean toward Amos being the better draft pick of the two.

Amos played all four years of his rookie contract with the Bears, but then he was allowed to test the market and Ryan Pace chose not to match the Packers’ deal that paid Amos $36 million over four years. Many will tell you he’s been worth that deal and I disagree. I’ve never been a huge Amos fan. I find him to be overrated.

When you look at his advanced stats, Amos has never kept his opponents under a 61% completion rating. Amos’ best season came with the Bears in 2018 when quarterbacks saw a quarterback rating of 73.0 when targeting him. While in Green Bay, quarterbacks have seen a quarterback rating of 85 or better. In fact, last season they saw a quarterback rating of 104 while targeting Amos.

While with Chicago, Amos averaged less than one interception a year. Since joining the Packers he has averaged two. Nothing about his stats jumps out as excellent though and he’s nothing more than a replaceable strong safety. That said, his value as a fifth-round draft pick is excellent and even though he only lasted four seasons, he made a big impact on the Bears roster.

NFL Draft Grade: A

The Chicago Bears selected Tayo Fabuluje with their sixth-round pick in 2015

As a rookie, Tay Fabuluje saw two snaps on offense and 18 snaps on special teams. Fabuluje was suspended four games for violating the NFL substance-abuse policy. The Chicago Bears waived and cut Fabuluje the following season and he never found his way to another team. Being a sixth-round pick, the expectations of Fabuluje amounting to anything great was slim. That said, the fact he barely played and was suspended lowers this draft grade.

NFL Draft Grade: C-