10 Chicago Bears holdovers from 2021 who may get cut this summer

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Chicago Bears, Sam Mustipher
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4. Sam Mustipher

This is another one that is going to get fans excited. When you look back, it is almost insane that Ryan Pace went into training camp letting Mustipher be the uncontested starter. It is fair that he finished 2020 on a high note and he deserved a chance to compete in 2021, but to let him come in without any other players to compete was wild.

Mustipher struggled and they had nowhere to turn so it did not get any better and the first year of Justin Fields was slowly lost. You cannot blame it all on Mustipher, but the fall of Mustipher is telling.

To start, Lucas Patrick is now the Chicago Bears starter, and while there will technically be a chance for Mustipher to earn it, the money and coaching staff connection scream that Patrick will start without question.

The question is whether Mustipher could even beat out Doug Kramer. Kramer was a seventh-round pick, and while he is a rookie Mustipher was a UDFA, and when you add in that Kramer was a Poles pick, he may even have the leg up from Mustipher. Mustipher was the uncontested number one and now he is likey sliding to third-string center. Three centers do not typically make the roster. Mustipher may be another player ending up in Atlanta.