10 Chicago Bears holdovers from 2021 who may get cut this summer

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2. Nsimba Webster

Nsimba Webster did not have much of a long career with the Chicago Bears. The Bears added him last August, mainly because Newsome was banged up during training camp and they could not trust him to be a return man.

With Pace and Nagy in win-now mode, they added Webster, a return game specialist. The move was not a game-changer, and as noted mainly just stunted any chance that Newsome had to show himself.

Now, Webster is back, but it may not be for very long. He has the same path to the roster as Newsome which is not good. Herbert stepped in and returned kicks in the middle of the year when Webster got hurt.

Now, the team added Ebner, Evans, and Velus Jones who may be ahead of Webster on the totem pole. The special teams play that the Bears need from their depth wide receivers will not be a return game, but more likely gunners. That hurts Webster and Newsome.