5 players who can make or break the Chicago Bears success in 2022

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Chicago Bears, Darnell Mooney
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This Chicago Bears player could make or break the season: Darnell Mooney, WR

We all know that the Bears roster is weak on paper in certain areas. Many analysts believe the wide receiver group is the worst in the NFL. There are even some who have come out and said they don’t believe Darnell Mooney to be a WR2, let alone a WR1. This is absurd based on what Mooney was able to do with three different quarterbacks last year. He also had to lead the group while Allen Robinson struggled to do anything productive.

If Mooney can repeat his 2021 performance, or better yet, be even more productive, then the Chicago Bears offense has some hope. With Mooney playing at that high of a level, there is no question that this team will be better offensively in 2022.

With the scheme change being implemented and Justin Fields heading into year two, this offense cannot be any worse than it was in 2021. That’s not setting the bar too high, but with the additions of Byron Pringle and rookie wide receiver, Velus Jones, the offense has some potential to surprise some people. Don’t forget, the running backs already proved themselves to be one of the better one-two punches in the league.

David Montgomery and Khalil Herbert won’t make this list because running backs are just not valued enough, however, the offense will not succeed if Mooney falls off production-wise this season.