6 Ryan Pace draft picks in make or break season with Chicago Bears

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The Chicago Bears roster as Ryan Pace knew it has been flipped over. Of the 90 players on the roster during training camp last year, there is just about 35 left, and that number may be cut in half by this time next year again.

Ryan Poles is going to continue to purge Ryan Pace players until he gets the roster to represent him. Still, it would be helpful if some of the Ryan Pace players were able to help and stick around.

Ryan Poles likely know what he plans to do with most of the Ryan Pace leftovers, but there are some players who are going to have this year to make or break and prove what they can be.

6. Trevis Gipson

This is going to be a huge year for Trevis Gipson. Last season Gipson was able to take a big step forward with the injury to Khalil Mack. He flashed, but now he has to impress an entirely new coaching staff and front office.

This front office also added Al-Quadin Muhammad, who played for the Colts just last season, and had more snaps in one year than Gipson has ever recorded. They also drafted Dominique Robinson. The moves show that they are not committed to Trevis Gipson if they do not have to be.

Trevis Gipson can make it this year, which would mean forcing the Bears to extend him and keep him as a part of this core. That would mean proving he is clearly superior to AQM. If he struggles, Gipson will be entering his last year on his rookie contract in 2023. The Bears will not be extending him, and perhaps even trading him to a better scheme fit.

Gipson could go from a clear offseason extension candidate to clearly count his days until he is off of the Chicago Bears based on what happens this year.