6 Ryan Pace draft picks in make or break season with Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears, Khyiris Tonga
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4. Khyiris Tonga

Khyiris Tonga was a seventh-round pick in 2021. Now, he is entering year two and it is going to be. a big year to see what the late rounder is made of. At his upside, Tonga is a nose tackle and one who plays sparingly. Still, every team needs the brick house in the middle of the defense who can stuff runs at the goal line and hold down the fort on kick block and other units.

As long as he can step into that role, he could stick around with the Chicago Bears for a long time coming. At the same time, we have no idea what Matt Eberflus and his new staff thinks of Tonga. Perhaps Eberflus wants a nose tackle who can move a bit quicker as he had with Grover Stewart on the Colts.

That could mean drafting a nose tackle in 2023 and then having him compete with Tonga. Tonga is another player that we could look back in three years and see that he is one of the last Ryan Pace players on the roster. We also may say remember that one year Tonga was on the Bears, as he may not even finish the season on the roster.