3 Robert Quinn trades the Chicago Bears should pursue immediately

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1. The Chicago Bears could trade Robert Quinn to the New England Patriots

The first scenario for Quinn would be for him to head to the New England Patriots, joining legendary coach and leader, Bill Belichick. If Quinn wants out of Chicago and desires to be around a winning organization, then look no further. Belichick’s history of signing or trading for veteran stars speaks for itself, and it usually works out.

Trading for Quinn would give the Patriots another major weapon on their defense and allow them to try to keep pace with the rest of the vaunted AFC, which loaded up on pass rushers this offseason.

The Patriots’ number one divisional rival, the Buffalo Bills, landed perennial Pro Bowl talent Von Miller this offseason. The Bills also have one of the league’s most potent passing attacks behind the likes of Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs. If Belichick wants to challenge Buffalo for the division crown this coming season, he’ll need another pass rusher to disrupt quarterbacks like Allen.

Belichick has not been shy about dealing away draft capital in the past, especially for proven veterans. In this deal, the Bears get a 2023 second-round pick which will likely fall in the latter half of the round, assuming the Patriots end up in the playoff race. This is about as good of a value as you can get for a guy who just set the franchise record in sacks but is about to play his age 32 season.